Gleb Efimenko Loan Officer

Gleb Efimenko

Account Manager

Gleb completed a Master’s Degree in Management and Marketing.

After working 5 years in the corporate field, Gleb pursued his passion for helping people overcome life difficulties and became a successful life coach.  After coming to the US, he achieved massive success in the automotive industry by always going above and beyond, exceeding clients’ expectations, and providing win-win deal scenarios.

His straight-to-the-point and proactive approach keeps your deal moving quickly to closing. Gleb is a relationship-driven person with a deep passion for real estate investing.  His diverse professional background, attention to detail, and proactive approach will help keep your deal on track and across the finish line.

Gleb loves spending time traveling with his beautiful wife and two adorable kids. He is obsessed with fitness, meditation, music, networking, and reading.

Gleb is fluent in both English and Russian.

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