Flexible Loans for Real Estate Investors

For the last decade, Optimus Capital has been a leader in hard money lending. We serve real estate investors across the country.

Flexible Loans for Real Estate Investors
Flexible Loans for Real Estate Investors
Flexible Loans for Real Estate Investors
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Flexible Loans
For Investors

Optimus Capital is located in the Sacramento region of California specializing in niche lending solutions for all types of residential and commercial projects throughout the country.

Optimus Capital, Inc. offers fast and creative financing solutions for real estate investors, through private hard money loans. As a full-service private money advisor, we can help cash flow all your deals while you build up your real estate portfolio. Whether it’s for wholesale, a renovation project or ground up construction, Optimus Capital, Inc. delivers fast and simple access to necessary financing. Our success is based on the niche competitive loan programs we have established and their “speed to market”.

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Optimus Capital

Solution-oriented advisor guiding you to the most beneficial funding terms based on your objectives and circumstances. Having done hundreds of transactions for real estate investors, our team can evaluate your scenario from many angles.  Above all we strive to provide the highest level of service and guidance to keep your investments properly leveraged and safe.

We also believe in being a fundamental resource to our clients throughout the nation, providing education on lead sourcing, locating investment-grade properties, building relationships within the industry, helping our clients save on building materials, and general industry best practices to ensure successful acquisitions, renovations, and sales.  By ensuring that our borrowers stay successful, Optimus Capital is able to generate a model of consistent market-adjusted returns for our  investors, while being a valuable resource to the real estate investment community by offering access to quick funds for closing deals.

The founders of Optimus Capital have an established track record in fix and flip residential, multi-family, new construction, land development including site improvements, and commercial real estate. By having a deep experience base, we are able to utilize this background and experience to help educate our clients on the life cycle of a real estate transaction, help avoid dangerous mistakes in the process, provide savings on construction materials at major retailers, and education to maximize profitability for our operators. Contact Us today for more information.

Optimus Capital

Flexible Loans For Investors

Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor doing 100’s of transactions per year, or a new investor looking to get started in the industry, Optimus Capital has the resources and expertise to support your real estate investment business by providing hard money loans or long term real estate portfolio financing loans that will allow you to scale to a size you and your family can be comfortable with.  Over the years we have worked with investors of all sizes and in all markets across the country and can also provide relationships, acquisition strategies, and at times properties to acquire based on our investors’ criteria.  Provide a little more information about yourself and your goals and schedule a free consultation to see how you could grow your real estate career by utilizing our knowledge base, experience, relationships, and resources.

Our Satisfied Clients

These guys killed it. Anytime something came up it was handled quickly and efficiently. Got a cash out refi DSCR loan in a rural area. Looking forward to doing more flips and projects with the connections to Optimus. Big shout out to Briana and Gleb, the team that made it all come together. Thanks
Keenan Patton
Real Estate Investor
I had amazing experience working with Optimus Capital. They stepped in when another lender could not fund the loan in a time crunch. They were quick, proactive and transparent throughout the entire process. Andrew Shanti specifically was amazing with getting this done for us. Will definitely work with them again!
Tom Casey
Real Estate Investor
Can't speak highly enough about this company. The sales manager Andrew picked up my call and he took me through the entire process from beginning to end, potential pitfalls, set expectations, pricing, analyzed my investment property I was purchasing... you name it. This was my first investment property purchase and I still can't believe how easy it was compared to what I had to deal with with a regular home purchase. Optimus made me feel really comfortable and than they performed. My deal closed on time and I'm already targeting my next house!
Layla S.
Real Estate Investor
I am experienced commercial real estate investor and this is my second transaction with this broker. I had some challenges with my loan and they handled it very professionally. Briana did follow up with me on every step of the process. Will definitely use them again.
Vladimir Logvinov
Commercial Investor
Daniel Frank is top notch! Optimus must be a great company, but honestly, I don't know if our experience would have been what it has been since we started working with Daniel... He is responsive, helpful, educates us, advises us, and he truly feels like a partner. We plan to work with him on at least 50-100 transactions in 2023. We just started talking in mid November, and he has helped us to get 5 closings to the finish line... 3 bridges and 2 DSCR's... I cannot say enough... thank you Daniel!
Troy Lilly
Real Estate Investor
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