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Optimus Capital Rental Portfolio Loans

Optimus capital rental portfolio loans allow borrowers to finance, refinance or merge complete rental portfolios to save money with lower interest rates and reduced fees.

Optimus capital Rental portfolio loans allow for flexibility, lower rates and higher rates of return because of our institutional level investing and customer-centric investor mindset. The more money we can save you in finance charges, the more you have to invest.

Our Founders, being real estate investors, understand that when an investment opportunity presents itself that capital is necessary and we want to empower you. Optimus Capital Rental Portfolio Loans give you the flexibility at excellent terms, often lower than what’s offered by many lenders.

Optimus Capital is a full-service direct hard money lender and we can streamline all your Rental Portfolio Loans to assist you in building your real estate portfolio.

Our success with our rental portfolio loans are seen in the savings and flexibility we provide to our clients.

Optimus Capital rental portfolio loans can be used to provide complete one source financing for single family properties, multi family properties and commercial properties.

Optimus Capital offers rental portfolio loans, hard money loans that can be used for wholesale, rehab loans, renovation and fix and flip loans, construction completion financing or ground up construction loans. We deliver fast and easy access to financing at the best terms available on the market.

Free portfolio analysis

Allow our financing opportunities to save you money.

We are investors for investors, understanding the unique needs of our investor clients. Feel free to fill out the quick app below and tell us a little about yourself and your project that you would like to get funded so that we can match you to the loan product that fits your specific investing needs.