Andrew Shanti

Andrew Shanti

Senior Vice President

Andrew Shanti has been deeply entrenched in multiple high-level aspects of lending, real estate investment, commercial and residential value add real estate development, expert-level analysis, and real estate investment strategy development since 2005 as both a principal, executive, and investor.  He thoroughly understands lending & underwriting, real estate, and investing at a gut level on both residential and commercial properties and brings this level of knowledge and expertise to his clients at Optimus Capital Inc.    

He has brought in over $25 Billion in offers on off-market commercial real estate transactions in his career and maintains ongoing relationships with high net worth, ultra-high worth clients & hedge funds globally.  He is strategically minded, client-oriented, and solution-focused.  He seeks to bring value and find ways forward with all his clients, offering dynamic strategies that lead to ongoing success on a long-term basis.

In his free time, Andrew loves running with his Border Collie, pouring love and affection on his two cats snuggled up to his amazing wife watching meaningful movies, or laughing at top-notch comedians.  He is a lover of life, a never-ending student, and an impeccable professional who seeks to live a morally virtuous livelihood.
Andrew holds an active Florida real estate license in good standing.

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