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Bridge Loans

Creative Financing Solutions for Real Estate Investors

Optimus Capital Bridge Loans are a quick and easy way to fill the financing gaps that you may be facing with your project. We can meet almost any need and close quickly through our private bridge loans program. As a full-service direct hard money lender, we can streamline all your funding needs while you build your real estate portfolio. 

Optimus Capital bridge loans can be used for rehab, construction completion or ground up construction. We deliver fast and easy access to financing at the best terms available in the market.

Optimus Capital Emerald Bridge Loan Program can be used for purchases, refinances of current debt, and cash out

We offer a seller carry second option for purchases. The seller would be in second position and can carry a portion of the purchase price. Contact an executive now to get more details.

We are confident that the benefits listed below will bring value to your projects.


  • Refinancing a property mid-construction to cash out and finish (drywall or better)
  • Refinancing a loan with a balloon payment coming up – typically cheaper than getting extensions!
  • Cashing out on a property while it is on the market
  • Getting more time during a slow season to sell when the market picks up

Benefits include:

  • Excellent terms
  • Lower rate
  • Quick closings
  • National Discount Program – Up to 25% off on building materials (free gift for private clients)

Optimus Capital Inc SFR 1 – 4 Unit Emerald Bridge Program

  • Refinance / Cash Out / Purchase
  • Rates starting at 8.5%
  • Loans up to $5 million (5M+ possible, slightly lower LTV)
  • Terms up to 24 months (longer possible case-by-case)
  • No limit to amount of deals funded
  • Minimum borrower credit 600 (under 600 case by case)
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Non U.S. Citizen possible with permanent residency
  • Available in most states

What Makes This Program Different Than Others?

Our Optimus Capital program will work with foreign nationals with permanent residency as long as the entity and banking purchasing the property are located in the United States of America.

Optimus Capital allows a 2TD behind our first position, approved case by case. This is great for purchases where you have a seller that will carry a portion of the purchase price.

Additionally, Optimus Capital Inc can work with borrowers who have personal credit scores as low as 600. We look at the mid credit score. Case by case below 600 credit could be allowed.

Loans up to $5 million dollars and even above are possible. On larger loans the LTV (loan-to-value) may be slightly lower. Our team will determine the risk of the project and decide on the loan to value accordingly. 

Optimus Capital Inc offers quick closings, low rates, and great terms. We understand how important it is for you when you have a deal in contract and need a lender that you can rely on. It has become harder and harder to find good deals and sometimes you need to close quickly; Optimus Capital Inc understands this and will work efficiently and tirelessly on your behalf, in order to close your bridge loans smoothly.

Typical Reasons Clients Need Bridge Loans

  • Purchase and remodel a property to sell
  • Refinance current debt
  • Obtain a bridge loan to acquire a property to then refinance with an institution 

We have many clients that come to us for bridge loans when they are purchasing a property. Sometimes, our clients request renovation funds and other times they are only looking for acquisition funds. Either option is available.

Other clients come to us who currently have bridge loans and would like to refinance and receive short term debt. Reasons for this include, a rehab project took longer than expected. Sometimes obtaining permits can result in a longer wait time than initially expected. This is where Optimus Capital comes in; we refinance their current debt and we do it efficiently offering a streamlined process with communication to you the client along the way.

Additionally, other reasons clients request bridge loans are that they need to acquire a property quickly and their traditional bank will take too long, therefore they come to us for acquisition funds and we give them bridge loans. This gives them the acquisition of the property as well proper time to refinance with their institution.

We are investors for investors, and understand the unique needs of our investor clients. We look forward to a mutually beneficial long term relationship with you and your team, and to speak soon!

We are investors for investors, understanding the unique needs of our investor clients. Feel free to fill out the quick app below and tell us a little about yourself and your project that you would like to get funded so that we can match you to the loan product that fits your specific investing needs.