Bryant Mendoza Loan officer

Bryant Mendoza

Account Executive

Bryant Mendoza is a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran. Having served honorably for almost a decade he transitioned into the financial sector in 2004. As a top producing licensed mortgage broker for the State of Florida he quickly emerged as Branch Manager while leading the company to record setting revenue.  He attributes his success to discipline, commitment, and attention to detail that was ingrained while serving coupled with his passion for people and understanding their real estate objectives.

He has remained steadfast in financing and business consulting helping hundreds of investors and business owners approach their respective financial goals while delivering world class service. He is keen on clear, concise communication, and offering effective strategies to nurture and expand his clients portfolios while developing lasting relationships. 

In his down time he likes to remain active by going to the gym, riding his bike or going for a walk and getting intimate with nature at a park or beach. If it is a rainy day he will be happy to stay in and read a book on self development or watch a sporting event with family and friends.  He has a hunger for life and remains a student with a constant desire to continue to learn and grow.

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