Our hard money loans in Virginia

Our goal here at Optimus Capital Inc is to provide the best possible borrowing experience.  

Optimus Capital Inc. a company that is backed by institutional level investors , has allowed us to reduce the cost of residential property loans compared to other hard money lenders. We pass the savings on to you with lower interest rates and fees in order maximise the benefits that we offer to you.  We believe in building strong relationships with our clients.  We hope to get the opportunity to continue providing you with financing on your next project and rental portfolios.


Optimus Capital hard money loans allow borrowers to purchase, finance, and acquire solid single family property with the intent to rehab the property. Optimus Capital allows our clients to save money with low interest and reduced fees. 

Due to our institutional level investing and customer-centric investor mindset, allows us to provide flexibility, lower rates with higher rates of return. By saving you more money in finance charges, it will give you more money to invest.

Living in Virginia

Virginia is a state in the southeastern United States. stretching from Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains, with a long Atlantic coastline. Virginia has borders North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

It is one of the original 13 colonies, with historical sites including Monticello, the iconic plantation of founding father Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville. The Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg are living history museums that recreate colonial and revolutionary life. 

The state of Virginia employs 4.12M people. The most important industries in Virginia are Construction , Elementary & secondary schools, Restaurants & Food Services. The best paying industries are Fruit & vegetable preserving & specialty food manufacturing ($164,400), Internet publishing, broadcasting & web search portals ($151,700), and Software publishing ($146,380).

Median family income in Virginia is $72,500. In this sense, Loudoun County, VA with a value of $139,900, followed by Arlington County, VA and Fairfax County were counties with highest  family income in 2018. The median tuition cost in Virginia is $30,300 for private universities that includes four year colleges and $7,600 for public. 

The median property value in Virginia was $281,700 in 2018, which is larger than the national average of $229,700. The home ownership rate in Virginia is 65.9%, which is 2% higher than the national average (63%).  In this state, there are 2 cars per family on average, which is the most common method of transportation.

Hard Money Loans in Virginia

We are here to assist you as one of the top hard money lenders during this time. We are still closing on loans during COVID-19. Our team is working diligently daily to assist our borrowers. We look forward to closing your hard money loans Florida quickly and efficiently during this time.

Hard Money Loans Virginia

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Jim Rohn

Optimus Capital

We are investors for investors, understanding the unique needs of our investor clients. Feel free to fill out the quick app below and tell us a little about yourself and your project that you would like to get funded so that we can match you to the loan product that fits your specific investing needs. Hard money loans in Virginia have increased in the last 5 years with many real estate investors purchasing fix and flip properties. 

We can also provide “as-cash” approval letters for your offers with hard money loans in Virginia.
Optimus Capital offering the best hard money loans.

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