Nicole LaVau

Nicole LaVau

Nicole LaVau’s seasoned background in finance has positioned her as a trusted ally in the hard money real estate sector, where she not only delivers expertise but fosters trust and client relationships focused on mutual prosperity. She is dedicated to providing her clients with personalized support at every stage of the process whether they’re seasoned investors or first-time borrowers.

Nicole’s roots in sales and customer service have instilled in her an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. She treats every borrower at Optimus Capital Inc. like a partner, meaning she’ll go above and beyond to ensure that they not only achieve their financial goals but do so with confidence and peace of mind.

When she steps away from the closing table, Nicole enjoys a fulfilling personal life as a loving mother, devoted wife, sister, and friend. Aside from helping her partners build an abundant life, her other passion is creating music. She uses her voice & her words as a conduit to convey emotions and offer perspective on the human experience we all share. This passion for music reflects her belief in the power of connection, whether through the melodies she creates or the financial partnerships she’s nurturing.

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