Silke Kirkwood

Silke Kirkwood

Account Executive
Phone: 916-710-3746

Silke Kirkwood stands out as a commanding presence in the world of Hard Money Lending and Real Estate. Boasting a robust track record of facilitating over half a billion dollars in closed loan volume, alongside a personal tally of over 100 +  successful property flips, Silke’s adept handling of transactions from start to finish has cemented her position as an industry leader.

She is unmatched in her ability to merge strategic foresight with precise execution, making complex residential and commercial deals seem effortless for the advantage of her clients. Silke’s commitment to tailor-made solutions, driven by the unique goals and values of those she serves, guarantees both quality and impactful outcomes.

At the helm of her team, Silke is the embodiment of tireless customer service, integrity, and a professional ethic that translates into sage advice and a notably bespoke experience for her clients.

Rooted in steadfast German work principles, Silke offers a proactive and insightful brand of service, backed by extensive knowledge in the fields of property negotiation and fiscal management. Her seasoned experience as a strategist spans markets both domestic and international, rendering her a comprehensive advisor for global real estate endeavors.

For an unrivaled and full-fledged real estate service that aims to exceed your every expectation, turn to Silke Kirkwood and her dedicated team. They are primed to address any finance-related challenge with precision, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Silke’s personal pursuits are as rich and varied as her professional pursuits—her passion for automobiles, literature, and music parallels her engagement with wellness and her heartfelt investment in animal welfare. These facets beautifully illustrate Silke’s devotion to living a life of substance and harmony.

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