Steven Kurthausen

Steven Kurthausen

Steven stands as an unwavering professional, deeply entrenched in the intricacies of the real estate and financial services sector. His expertise extends to successful lead generation for real estate investments and a pivotal role in managing acquisitions and properties, which he has skillfully overseen. His commitment extends beyond transactions; he is dedicated to the establishment of enduring, value-driven connections with investors.


Within the corridors of Optimus Capital, Steven adopts a holistic approach, viewing every borrower as a trusted partner in their financial journey. He leverages his wisdom to guide them towards their unique objectives, consistently offering sound advice with a resolute dedication to service. While the strategies employed may vary from one client to the next, the overarching objective remains unchanged: delivering the most suitable financial solutions to foster the growth and profitability of their real estate portfolios.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Steven finds profound joy in the company of his three rescue dogs and actively dedicates his time to volunteering at local non-profit organizations, extending support to youth and hospitals. His deep appreciation for the great outdoors and quality family time seamlessly aligns with his professional mission of nurturing robust relationships within the real estate and financial services industry.

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