Construction Loans Sacramento

Optimus Capital offers construction loans in Sacramento CA and surrounding areas. We have a suite of land and construction loans for our real estate investor clients. Our construction loans are all non-owner occupied investment property loans.

Whether you are building spec homes, custom builds, or a subdivision we can help.

New construction in Sacramento and West Sacramento has significantly grown in recent years. Optimus Capital is at the forefront of this construction growth for real estate investors and home builders who specialize in building single family homes. 

We have designed and custom tailored numerous construction loan programs to suit the needs of our clients. 

If your project is in Sacramento, West Sacramento, any of the surrounding areas in Northern California, or even in another state, we have you covered. Our construction loans are available nationwide, except in a few states. Reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly team now. We will respond quickly with different funding options for your project in most cases.

Our construction loans are designed for home builders or real estate investors who are building ground up single family homes 1 to 4 units. Our programs require minimal paperwork and offer quick closings. 

Some of our Optimus Capital Programs are designed to build one single-family home with 1 – 4 units on one lot. (One APN per lot)

If a borrower is building more than one single family home 1 – 4 units; additional new construction SFRs will need to be on additional APNs / lots. We allow new construction of one unit single family homes, a duplex, a triplex, or 4plex to be built on one lot which has one APN.

An appraisal is required to be ordered. The closing can happen usually within days of the appraisal report being received by our underwriting team. 

Some of the most important factors that we are looking at are the following:

  • New construction or ground up experience (where past title was held by the borrower on previous projects)
  • Meeting minimum credit score requirements
  • Clear background report
  • Solid project with acceptable margins

Our Construction Loans can be used for land acquisition, tear down, or new construction. 

If used for land acquisition, plans for the single-family home 1-4 unit that is going to be constructed are needed upon submission. 

These programs are used for acquisition of a lot with plans to build new construction only. Ground up construction must immediately follow the acquisition of the land.

See below the benefits and criteria for these construction loans from Optimus Capital are as follows:

Optimus Capital Sacramento Construction Loans

  • Use: New construction or tear down (if permitted)
  • Up to 50% land acquisition cost (if not permitted)
  • Up to 65% land acquisition cost (if permitted)
  • Minimum loan: 75,000 (no maximum)
  • 18 month term
  • Rates starting at 8.99%
  • Maximum LTC 75% (Exceptions can be made to 80% for very experienced applicants)
  • Maximum completed value LTV 65% in judicial /
  • 70% in non-judicial foreclosure states
  • Title must be held in entity
  • 1-4 Family Homes, Condominiums, Townhouses (must be infill)
  • Minimum Borrower Fico score: 650
  • Interest only no prepayment penalty
  • Borrower must have new construction or significant flip experience (where title was held by borrower)
  • No development loans – First position lien = one lot + one SFR new build

We do offer ground-up construction for subdivisions of all sizes. Whether your project is a smaller subdivision or larger, reach out to us. In many cases we can help provide an excellent solution. We have recently closed loans for numerous subdivisions. We also offer construction completion financing.

We provide loans for investors in most states throughout the country. Contact us now with your project.

Fill out an application now with the details about your project and location