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Sacramento Hard Money Lenders

We at Optimus Capital work tirelessly so that our borrowers receive the best hard money bridge loan possible. We are not like other hard money lenders. Having purchased hundreds of properties ourselves; we under the unique needs that each real estate investor has. We have encountered nearly every possible situation and outcome in our deals, therefore we hold a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on to our real estate investor clients. We offer short and long term loans in Sacramento.

Hard Money Loan Sacramento CA

Our real estate investors who are our clients, experience a Sacramento hard money lender who will offer excellent terms, provide great communication, and their deal gets funded quickly and efficiently. Our process is fast.

If your company needs a refinance in California for an investment property Optimus Capital provides funding for residential, commercial, new construction, multi family, and fix and flip. Our offices are located in the Sacramento area. Our team is available to assist you with financing your next property.

We focus on long term relationships with our real estate investors who we fund loans for. If you are local we would be delighted to meet with you in the Sacramento area. If you would like more information for that next flip, refinance or investment, or rental. We can help!

Hard Money Lender Sacramento California

Optimus Capital are the Sacramento hard money lenders that you can count on to get your deal closed. Whether you have a fix and flip, commercial properties, or a mortgage to pay off. Contact us to refinance your properties whether they be in Sacramento county, the Bay Area, in San Francisco county, Los Angeles or even San Diego we can help!

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How Does Hard Money work?

Hard money loans are short term loans secured by real estate. Usually these loans are provided by a hard money lender who issues a private money “mortgages” which is recorded at closing most times in “first position” against the property. Hard money lenders are private investors who fund a loan like this. Sometimes they would be called a private money lender. Usually the Sacramento California hard money lender requires an appraisal to be ordered or at least a BPO in order to determine the As Is value of the property as well as the after repaired value, if the deal is going to be a fix and flip property. The interest rates and points are charged on these hard money loans because these type of private hard money loans bring on more risk for the lender than a traditional mortgage issued by a bank. Many lenders charge between 10 – 15% rate and 2 – 4% in points for hard money loans. Optimus Capital offers a much better cost of capital.

Whether you are purchasing a home for a million dollars or more it usually is fine with a private money lender as long as the deal is profitable and your credit is decent. These transaction would not take a Sacramento hard money lender months to close, rather they could be closed in days. Optimus Capital has funded loans like throughout the state as well as right here local in our county. We are established hard money lenders who have funded hundreds of millions in closed transactions.

Private Hard Money Loans in Sacramento California

If you need Sacramento hard money or a loan on real estate in Northern California we are here to get the job done quickly and cost effectively. We have purchased over one hundred million dollars of real estate ourselves and our investors like yourself. Finding other Sacramento hard money lenders who have an investor resume like ours will be tough to find. We have purchased hundreds of properties, developed land and build new homes, owned and managing our portfolio of multifamily, as well as owned commercial properties. We understand the “unique needs” that our investor clients require. We are in business to provide funding and financing for the real estate market who needs to access capital. Our criteria is based on several different key points. Some questions that we ask include the following: past experience, cash on hand, credit score, amount you would like us to lend, LTV request, rehab amount, total funding desired for transaction. If your deal is a refinance how much do you owe (amount of your current mortgage), how much is the property worth, amount of equity that you have. We usually want to address the amount of time that we have to close the loan including if the title is free and clear on the real estate. If you are here in Sacramento we can meet with you. We know the local market well as well have owned properties in almost every part of the area.

Hard Money Lenders

Optimus Capital hard money loans Sacramento allow borrowers to purchase, finance, and acquire solid single family property deals which they intend to remodel the properties. Optimus Capital private money lenders allows them to save money with lower interest rates and reduced fees.

Need a Hard Money Loan ?

Optimus Capital hard money lenders allow for flexibility, lower rates and higher rates of return because of our institutional level investing and customer-centric investor mindset. The more money we can save you in finance charges, the more you have to invest.

Here are some additional locations that we provide loans in. We fund in San Diego, San Francisco, all of Northern California, Los Angeles, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Georgia Hawaii, Ohio Oklahoma, West Virginia, Idaho Illinois Indiana, Tennessee Texas

Locations we do not fund in currently include Las Vegas, North Carolina South Dakota North Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Rhode Island, New Hampshire New Mexico

Keep in mind the items we will need from you when evaluating your hard money loan:

Name email phone phone loan amount

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